Howdy, I am Olivia!

+ Here's just little more about ya mate

My last name is Erenberger (pronounced Aaron Burger, like the hamburger) your fun and quirky and boho, Jesus loving, Texas country obsessed photographer based out of Tampa, Florida and Solon, Iowa. But, I don’t limit my location as I am available across the states and worldwide for destination weddings. (Ask about my travel bucket list and you may only have to pay travel fees for two!)

A little more about me…I grew up on a farm in Iowa and was taught hard work and dedication from a young age. In grade school, I found a passion for the visual arts and fell in love with photography then pursued that love in 4-H and started to dabble in my own business. Since then, Agriculture has always been a big part of my life that led me to pursue my degree in Agriculture Technology. My goals with the two of these is to use my photography and social media skills to inform the community about where their food comes from and the dedicated people behind it. After I obtained my A.A.S. in Agriculture I decided to put more of an effort into my other passion of photography + took the 2nd year course of the professional photography program at Iowa Central Community College. 

Since obtaining my degree in Ag + new knowledge in photography, I followed my passion in serving people through photography but still remaining in my roots. My brand took off (shockingly) in the midst of COVID while adapted to the time and provided more mobile and distanced photo services. I decided to make the move to Florida in November of 2021 and have been traveling back and forth to Iowa since.

While wedding photography is my main squeeze, I fill the rest of my time with capturing life's best moments including family photography, high school senior photography, Maternity photography, outdoor/lifestyle/hunting photography and other portraits around Florida and Iowa. 

Your potentially new friend/hype girls personality behind the lens:
  • I am energetic + bubbly (I have actually been called the energizer bunny while photographing weddings)
  • Kinda clumsy but athletic at the same time when I get into my zone and walk backward into a hole but then I’ll be hanging off a fence to get the best angle. (my fence climbing skills are prime)
  • I was a beefatarian for 2 years (I decided that means doesn't eat beef) for a strong relationship I made with a 4-H show cow I bottle fed and raised
  • I am an avid traveler and seek to make new friendships everywhere I go and adapt different pieces of other cultures into my life 

I have been blessed to have been doing and learning photography for around 6 years now. This journey has opened my mind, allowed me to travel, to understand running a business and finances. Along the way, I have made many friendships and enjoy creating genuine connections with my clients + couples. If you believe in investing in life's memories while having a ball let’s do this shindig! 

+ I will happily teach you how to line dance or swing dance at the end of the night while sharing a brewski cause after all I am an Irish farmer

I’m ecstatic to potentially meet ya!


  • Second in the FFA Iowa State Fair black and white division


  • First place FFA Iowa State Fair Black and White division


  • First and second place in Fine Art Photography at Iowa Central Photography Show
  • Film photo selected for exibit in Blanden Art Museum
  • Role model of the year ICCC photography
  • Selected by Executive Director of Fort Dodge Fine Arts and College and Community Fine Arts Director