11 Bridesmaid gift ideas for the Bride

Hey Y'all! I have decided to do a little blog, bear with me as it may not be super consistent! I am not going to hold a standard on it to overflow my page with blogs. I want to keep it nice and simple and right to the point you came to this post for! 

I will be mainly posting tips, tricks, hacks and inspo for wedding days but may occasionally do some inspo for other shoots as well. 

Let's get to it! 

I decided I wanted to do this as my first one because I have been wrapping my brain around what I should get my friend as a bridesmaid?! I have photographed manyyy weddings but have never been “one of the girls” before, until now!

For all my ladies looking to get their bestie a thoughtful bridesmaid gift that some may or may not pertain to photography, OR my Bride looking to drop hints to her girls on what she would like just send this blog! Haha!

Now for a little more spice and laughter check out the ideas below!

And there you have it! Some thoughtful gifts to gifts that will get a laugh! I hope this helped some of you bridesmaids out!